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Luis Mediero Awarded for His Transformative Work with RPT Education Worldwide

Among the esteemed coaches who have made a profound impact on the sport, Luis Mediero stands out as a guiding force, dedicated to nurturing talent and empowering coaches worldwide. Recognizing his transformative work with the RPT (Registry of Tennis Professionals), USPTA, ESTESS and PTCA education programs, Luis Mediero is being honored with a prestigious award, celebrating his tireless efforts in elevating the standards of tennis coaching and enriching the lives of aspiring athletes across the globe. Luis Mediero’s journey as a tennis coach and mentor spans decades, and his contributions to the sport are immeasurable. His passion for the sport and his belief in the potential of coaches and players alike have guided him in his transformative work.  The impact of Luis Mediero’s work extends far beyond national borders. Through his work, he has touched the lives of coaches and players in various regions, from Europe to Asia and the American continents. His tireless efforts to enhance coaching standards and impart valuable knowledge have earned him the respect and admiration of the global tennis community. By empowering coaches with the tools to provide exceptional guidance and mentorship, Mediero has contributed to the holistic development pathway of young talents, producing not only skilled athletes but also well-rounded individuals with values of sportsmanship and dedication. The sport of tennis owes a debt of gratitude to visionaries like Mediero, whose passion and dedication have shaped the stars of today and the champions of tomorrow.

The prestigious International Professional Tennis Coaches Hall of Fame by the PTCA (Professional Tennis Coaches Association) began in 2013 and honors the individuals who have dedicated their careers to coaching and have played a vital role in shaping the landscape of professional tennis. Luis Mediero will also be awarded with the Bob Brett Mentoring Award and ESTESS Master Professional Award.

Additionally, during the weekend, Luis Mediero has been teaching the RPT – World Tour Integral Course – for a group of 50 coaches from 17 countries. The WTIC course is the most complete in the Registry of Tennis Professionals and includes, in an intensive format, the 4 levels of RPT training for tennis coaches, from teaching for beginners, advanced or competitive players, to the management of tennis schools and academies.

The celebration of the induction to the International Professional Tennis Coaches Hall of Fame, the awarding of Bob Brett Mentoring Award, the PTCA Unicorn Lifetime Award and the ESTESS Master Professional Award were presented yesterday during a dinner, in the hands of Hakan Dalhbo – President of the Professional Tennis Coaches Association – PTCA – in Seefeld – in the very heart of the Austrian alps.

Inductees 2023: International Professional Tennis Coaches Hall of Fame, Bob Brett Mentoring Award and ESTESS Master Professional Award:
Juan Carlos Ferrero – Spain
Sven Groeneveld – Netherlands
Luis Mediero – Spain
Peter Lundgren – Sweden

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